shiftbrite: cant control more than 3 at a time!

Hi All,

Been having a really annoying problem with some shiftbrite modules, and i cant figure out where i'm going wrong. I have a chain of 6 shiftbrite modules, and the problem is that i can't seem to get more then 3 of them to work at any one time.

I've tested all the shiftbrite modules by swapping them out further along the chain, and they all work okay as long as they are in the first 3 modules. I've also tested the cables and they show a good connection, and swapping these cables out does not make a change.

The code i'm trying to demo is the hughesy SBColourChange demo. Which can be be found here :

Sometimes I get the 4th module with all three colours on, or alternatively a very faint green light, although this is random

I'm using a 9v 1.2A power supply which is grounded with the arduino.

Any ideas?

thanks, Dan.

Pretty sure that library was only someone's first hack to get something happening and was never intended to drive more than one ShiftBrite. Just use some of the demo code from the actual macetech documentation site, so you know it's not the code, for example:

Power may still be an issue. Depends on how you have things connected...for example, if you had power connected to the DC jack and then were trying to run the ShiftBrites from the Arduino 5V regulator or even the VIN pin, you'd run into problems quickly.

Hey macegr, thanks for your quick reply - I've tested using the sketch you suggested, and still had the same problems - turns out i've got a defective shiftbrite, when you put it further down the chain it messes up the other shiftbrites that are plugged in after it :-D doh! - Took it out of the chain and the rest of them work perfectly.

Thanks for your help!


Weird, haven't seen that happen before. Usually will work up to the bad module. If you ordered direct please forward your order info so we can process a replacement.