Shiftbrite - Find/Count number on a chain


Is it possible to send a command that returns the number the of shiftbrites connected on a single chain?



Would it be possible and reasonably simple to develop a module that you add to the end of a chain, that could return the number of shiftbrites calculated from the data it receives?

I can't see how that would work, if you are just counting data packets then it assumes the thing sending them knows how many there are. That thing is the arduino so you know already.

I suppose if you fed the last serial output back into the arduino, then fed it a lot of pulses with zero data. Then fed it pulses with one data and see how many pulses it takes to get the first one data out. Then divide that number of pulses by 32.

However, you could always contact the maker of these. He is on this forum and often pops up here he name is macegr

Looping the last module back as Mike described is probably the only realistic way to do this. The only other method would be turning them all on and measuring the supply current somehow...not practical.