Shiftbrite Help?

Hi! How do I use a Shiftbrite? I tried with sample code that I found online with no avail. Any code for me? And which wires go where? I'm new to this stuff. I have six jumper wires, a breadboard, and an Arduino Uno.


The example code defines which pins on the Arduino go to which pins on the ShiftBrite: shiftbrite [macetech documentation]

With one ShiftBrite you can get away with using the Arduino power supply, but for more you really need to use an external supply.

If you have tried something and it doesn't work, please post a photo (nothing dim or out of focus please).

Thanks so much!

I used that sample code. I'm using a 9V battery connected via breadboard to the respective V+ and Gnd pins. Then, I ran the sample code on my Arduino. With the breadboard, I connected Digital pin 10 on my Arduino to the DI on the Shiftbrite, 11 to LI, 12 to EI, and 13 to CI. If you haven't caught my mistake already I can post a photo.


Do you have the ground from the breadboard connected to the Arduino ground?

Also...a 9V battery does not have enough current output capability to reliably operate ShiftBrites. You should find a power supply somewhere around 6V (for LEDs, lower supply voltages are better because the ShiftBrite has to throw away excess voltage as heat).

Oh! Thanks so much! Will the 5V on the Arduino do?

The Arduino 5V will work for one or two ShiftBrites at most. Fine for testing, but definitely hunt down a good power supply when you get the chance. If you find out around the house that looks good, feel free to post an image of the specs printed on it and I can give you an idea how well it will work.