ShiftBrite Project

Hello this is my first post on my first forum so hopefully I can figure this out! :D

I am using shiftbrites in my car and I am having luck with them so far using the delay command. As I have come to find out delay runs in to problems quick when you’re trying to multitask. My question would be how would one use the millis() function to make them blink, in order to speed things up and smooth the look. I currently set up several different functions which switch depending on what button is pushed, but with the delay function it is slowing down the entire program when I am waiting for the delay function to execute and from what I have read the millis() function works better.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. My programming experience is about 3 weeks old now so please dumb it down for me!! Thanks :D

The "blink without delay" sketch (in the Examples section) shows how you can make things blink, without using the delay() function.