Shiftout Example

Hi I'm trying to duplicate the shiftout tutorial, and am having trouble which I can't figure out. I have set up everything exactly as the tutorial shows and just copy and paste the code from Caryln and Tom, compile it and upload. I'm using a Duemilanove and instead of the Phillips 595 I'm using a ST 595 The data sheet from what I can tell says it's the same as the Philips version so it should work just the same, however something is wrong. Are there common stumbling points that a new guy like myself would mess up without even realizing it? Granted the tutorial is pretty good so I'm not sure where I would mess up. Any thoughts would be helpful, thanks

Sorry for the post, turns out after much frustration there was some wiring problem to which I'm not totally sure as to what it was. It did however have to do with my power/ground wires. All is well again though!