I have this code for an exercise in using ICs with Arduino

void writeNumberList()
	for (int i = 0; i < 256; i++)
		if (debug)
			Serial.print("Writing Number ");
			Serial.print(i, BIN);
			Serial.print(" or ");
			Serial.println(i, DEC);

		digitalWrite(LATCH, LOW);
		shiftOut(DATA, CLOCK, LSBFIRST, i);
		digitalWrite(LATCH, HIGH);
}  //  end writeNumber List

Where do I find a description of the ‘shiftOut’ instruction?


You could just google "Arduino shiftout".

Or you could look at the reference section of this site.

I didn't even realize the 'Reference' section existed :o

I didn't even realize the 'Reference' section existed :o

It's under the "learning" menu at the top, which is not entirely obvious.

Another thing that's not obvious is that right at the end of that reference page, a single lonely hyperlink takes you to the documentation for libc .