Shifty VU shield: Frequenzy to numbers on serial port?

Hi, I have a duemilanove with a shifty VU shield and a kind of urgent problem:

I need somecode which gets sound of a certain frequnzy on the audio input (german 5tonfolge). each frequenzy should then be translated in a single numbre as output on the serial port fo the arduino.

I have just done a bit code for LEDs so far (by modified a bit of the macetech example code) so any help will be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: First essential hint needed: How to solder a serial cable for ttyS0 and get some numbres sent to it? Don't I just have to connect Rx an Tx between arduino and the serial cable?

The Shifty VU Shield doesn’t process individual frequencies, it’s a VU or loudness meter. It won’t do what you are asking.

If you want serial data, you could just use the serial to USB that’s already on the Arduino. Otherwise, you will need an RS232 level conversion/inversion chip to connect the Arduino directly to a +/- 12V RS232 port.

This project: has CLI built-in command "f", which print out on serial monitor magnitudes of the freq. components What is your spec.: freq, resolution, dynamic range etc. you want to achieve?