Shipping from China

A couple of times now I've gone to order something and I've noticed that the cost of shipping from China has gone up quite considerably recently. One component, was $0.80, now $2.10. Even Elecrow, I've had 30 boards delivered for $13.69 in the past, now $15.62 for 20. All the same size so it's not as though my order weighs more - in fact weighs roughly two thirds of what the earlier one did.

Perhaps the state is removing its shipping subsidy?

I think it's a marketing ploy. You will find a product for (say) $2 + $3 shipping or at $5 with free shipping.

You often have to pay attention to the whole price (advertised price plus shipping) rather than being sucked into looking for the cheapest price (or indeed, looking for free shipping).

It annoys me considerably that eBay has a sort option (and often default) for "Price: Lowest First" which is completely useless and never wanted, especially as there is no bulk pricing structure.