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I recently started messing with arduino with no real direction, or projects in mind.

I’ve been going through the make book, and my arduino came with a few supplies(LEDs, resistors, breadboard, jumpers) and I’m lucky enough to live close to Skycraft(the Mad Scientist supply store.)

I’ve compiled a list of components I’m picking up, and was hoping to get some ideas from the community.

So far, the shopping list is:
IR sensors
piezo elements
reed relays/RE magnets
variable resistors

What else should I consider picking up?

transistors and diodes

transistors will allow you to switch higher voltages and currents, diodes will protect against back emf (for motors or relays ect)

If you want to drive anuthing that exceeds Arduinos 40mA current sourcing pr. pin. like motors relays and the like you need some transistors and diodes, and probably an external powersupply.

This is true for almost all motors!!

Thanks for the tips, guys. Also, don’t be afraid to talk down to me, I’m completely new to this stuff. I’ve tried my hand at circuit bending, but comparing me to an engineer is like comparing a meth cook to a chemist.

Ahh, i see Osgeld posted the same as i was writing, while i was changing the baby :wink:

WorldFallz, I won’t give up on CCK and Views yet, but I’m wondering if they are the right fit.

Basically, based on my limited understanding of CCK, I could create a “shopping list” content type where one could add one or more items. But, each list can only be viewed by the user who created it. Is this possible? (This is why I started thinking about using the user’s profile.) Also, I would need the ability to programmatically edit the list from other modules and pages.

I also thought of creating a “shopping list item” as you suggested, but realized that could result in a large number of entries. For example, say we had 1,000 users who on average have 25 items on their list. That’s a lot of content just for this one feature.

Looks like the above post was aimed at something else…

I would sugest you pick up some .1uF capacitors for decoupling. Here is a link to Grumpy Mikes De-coupling information page. Basically reduces noise in your circuit.

if you wanna mess up with motors, and don’t know any differences: get infos about steppers and servos. And decide what you want. More accourate than motors, if i’m allowed to say so.
And some sort of shift registers, maybe 74595. Everybody wants more than 20 LEDs some day :slight_smile:

Everybody wants more than 20 LEDs some day

Maybe pick up some 8x8 matrices too. I just picked up 10 for $12 USD with free shipping :). Here’s a link if anyone is interested.

I’m having a blast with these things. I’m currently working on trying to use 595s to scroll text through them. So far I can do one letter at a time :P!

good tip I snagged a set of those

good tip I snagged a set of those


Pretty well priced from what I’ve seen of other ones, but these things are absolutely tiny compared to what I expected. That’s not a bad thing, I was just like…“How could they all fit in this package…?”

The pinout listed on the datasheet didn’t really seem to be right. Maybe I’m just an idiot and don’t get how the pins are numbered, but I figured out how it “should be” through trial and error and made a new pinout picture.

Here’s how I have it:

Hope that saves you some frustration when you get 'em :P.

Where it says “Serial No.” (and then the actual serial no. on the second part) is important when you’re trying to figure out the pins, obviously. I put that on top in relation to how the pins are written.

[edit]Lol I like your Binary location, Osgeld. Too bad it isn’t anything :(. I’m going to make mine the state I live in :P.[/edit]

My family was generous enough to get me an Arduino Mega from Christmas, as well as a couple tiny things to get me started. (This amounted to a bread board, a power supply, a piezo, and a couple LED’s & push buttons.) So far, so good, but I’m ready to move on with gusto.

Forming a shopping list is easy, as there are all sorts of projects and suggestions (such as the general purpose parts listed in the Advanced Arduino Starter Kit). The problem with then is where ought I go to get it all? Is there any place where I can just get a “box o’stuff”. The kit I mentioned above sounds great, except I don’t need/want the Arduino that’s part of it, since I’ve already got one.

I can go to Home Depot and get a pre-filled assortment pack of screws. Is there anything similar for resistors and diodes and LEDs?

And right on the heels of this, I know that in short order I’ll be asking the same question with respect to gears and such for the steppers and other motors I’m sure to get. Any and all help is appreciated. This is going to be a great hobby!


I would use eBay :). I really do love eBay because of the variety of things available.

For instance, if you’re looking for resistors, I would search “Assorted resistors”. Here’s one for example.

If you need transistors, just type the part name in. Here are some PN2222’s I bought earlier.

Etc. etc. :smiley:

Wow. Good advice, and pretty impressive prices.

Too bad the shipping costs outweigh the actual products. If I order a dozen different items over time, those will add up. Any place I can just get a rouges gallery of parts in one swell foop?

I found this package on Ebay. i will post a link in a sec since i cant until I have one post

here is the link from above hope this helps