Shopping Tips

EXP Tech, they are chinese dudes in germany

I suggest you to avoid to buy from those guys

three weeks ago I bought five boards from them, and they were defective, four missing smd-resistors in each board (which makes the FT2232 completely useless as it's not physically connected), the jtag connectors were cut (which is annoying, as you need to desolder and replace), and the boards look like second hand even if declared "brand new" and accordingly full-price paid (150 euro, in my case my order consists of qty=5, 150 euro each)

I promptly notified all the defects to them, I filled their on-online modules, without an answer!

Interesting … they kept silence for 17 days, at last they have answered me after I have filled a claim to paypal

there is no explanation followed by apologies in the attempt to explain what happened (closed for holidays? congestion? mistakes in the quality assurance?), it's only clear to me that they do not offer a professional service

in my opinion and advice, [u]they must be avoided[/u]!

instead, I am collecting good experiences with dudes of "watterott dot com", when something goes wrong they promptly respond providing an explanation, and a solution, including the free pickup of the defective part, no shipping costs of the replacement part, or the full refund.

We are humans and we all are bound to make mistakes, these dudes do their best to provide professional solutions while those dudes of EXP Tech do not

I have recently bought an IBM laptop as development platform, it provides a lot of connectivity, including a CF port, I'd like to buy a 64 Gbyte Compact Flash module for backup purpose

the hard drive is 120 Gbyte, partitioned in two slices of 60 Gbyte each, thus I can clone the whole first partition (WindowsXP) into the CF, it fits the capacity

the second partition is used by linux and I can use it in order to clone the whole first partition through "dd", which is a very useful tool in unix

dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/mnt/cf/hd0-idp.bin

About my CF purchase: tips ? suggested Vendor? Models ?

edit: ops, I had forgotten to say: I need a compact flash with "lock switch for write protection", this way, the data not only can stay safe by avoiding accidental deletion/corruption

You know that 120gb SSDs are less than $50 these days...

You know that 120gb SSDs are less than $50 these days…

I know that my laptop can’t handle an internal SSD, and an external SSD (over usb?) is not what I want to carry in my bag, instead, in order to assist “my backup” in protecting data in such storage devices, I’d like a compact flash card featuring a “write-protection”-lock-switch for data storage safety, something with the lock switch on the bottom side of the memory card prevents data from being tampered with.

This way, I can install a CF inside the laptop and keep it in read-only, ready to be read in order to recover the whole partion0 in case of data corruption.

possible alternative, 64Gbyte-USB-Stick product line features a write-protect switch ?

possible alternative, 64Gbyte-USB-Stick product line features a write-protect switch ?

I have a SanDisk USB stick that’s PASSWORD protected. You cannot read or write to it without entering your password. I’ve never heard of one with a write protect switch, though.
I would have thought that a switch could be too easily moved to the wrong position, thus defeating its purpose.

since my laptop suppers SD Cards (already checked, and it's OK for linux > 2.6.26, while Windows XP needs an hotfix package, freely available at Microsoft dot com)

it seems to me, it's better go for

  • Sandisk Extreme Pro, 64 Gbyte Class-10, it fetches at 95 Mbyte/s

and it comes with the write-lock switch price? 50 euro, while for 70 euro I can buy the 128 Gbyte module, which can store both the two partition's backups

my dice are dancing on the table, I will take my decision

I have checked the documentation more deeply: SD cards come with a write protect notch that moves an optional switch in the socket, unfortunately it's purely advisory, as … if the host driver ignores the switch input then writes can still occur (WTF?!? Unbelievable!)

The only good news about that: it seems (from the documentation) that full featured SD-cards come with a "special set of commands" that can be sent from the host to make the card read-only

Oh my Duck ='(