short header

we've all seen this sort of header for shields

what I want is similar, but not so tall I don't need long pin length below the board and I don't think I need great depath above is there one half as high, for instance

ta v much


The shortest (lowest) I’ve seen are the machined headers, like these:

:slight_smile: that’s quite neat - thanks!

Ebay has plent of kinds all cheap, and from what I know they work great

Samtec make similar headers with all sorts of pin lengths.

Look for

SSW-106-21-F-S (6-pin) and SSW-108-21-F-S (8-pin) -- low insertion force SSW-106-01-F-S (6-pin) and SSW-108-01-F-S (8-pin) -- normal insertion force

I think those PNs are correct.

They also have socket strips that are lower on top.


Be aware that the machine pin sockets will not accept the common square headers, they will only fit DIP IC leads, other machine pins, and some smaller component leads like resistors.

@graynomad thanks Rob, that's exactly what i wanted :) Farnell seem to do them