Short in Arduino Uno

Hi Everyone,

I was working on an Arduino Uno, when I shorted it out. When I hook it up to the computer I get power, but when I hook it up to a battery pack I get no power. I've tested the battery pack on another uno I have and it works fine. Can I fix this?

Sounds like you fried the voltage regulator. You can replace it. Use a DMM and probe around the regulator to make sure.

Silly question, where is that at?

more likely power is being supplied to the wrong pin. depend on battery type. 7v-12v battery should go into "raw". 1 cell lithium or 3 cell alkaline or nixx should go to vcc.

chamberskevin: Silly question, where is that at?

Near the 2.1mm DC jack there's a 3 legged IC (3 legs on one side, a wider heatsink on the other). Markings could say 117-5 or 78L05, but that can vary depending on the supplier.