short usb to power for arduino.

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where can i get a small usb to power plug for a duemilanove?
like a 3" cable. im plugging the arduino into a pocket power which is also the base and need a small power cable to run off the usb on the pocket power. i saw bunedoggle had one on his robot but his site doesnt mention where he got it.

anybody have any ideas?

I just made my own short USB cable out of a long one. It’s easy! Just cut the original long USB Cable down, Splice off some of the insulation, Peel back the Shielding, then you will see 4 wires, Splice each of those and solder them together make sure you solder each color wire to its same color on the other half, wrap each of the 4 soldered wires with electrical tape then wrap the entire length of the new shortened cable with electrical tape to strengthen the area you had to splice down, and your done!

If you have a “dollar store” close by, check in and see if they have USB cords and devices for a buck. I bought a retractable USB cord in one of those stores. They had USB cords with the different shaped ends (square, flat, small). These “dollar stores” are in the U.S., I don’t know about other countries.

Also, instead of soldering wires together, if you choose to do that, use “crimp-on butt connectors”. Radio Shack has them for small guage wires, (#22 or so), insulated or uninsulated. Use the insulated type. (they’re a small metal tube, in which the cut ends of wire can butt up against each other, end to end, then the tube can be “crimped” down on the wires.) A crimping tool is not necessarily needed, its best if you have one of the proper size, but a needle nose pliers can be used to squeeze down on the butt connector, or if you’re careful, side cutters(dykes) can be used.

ok i just shortened a spare usb cable i had lying around.

Butt connectors are a good idea! I didn’t have any laying around so I just soldered the ends together and electrical taped them and I haven’t had any problems. the only issue I would see with using butt connectors is it would make the cord thicker and less attractive after you resealed it but it would make better connections for sure.

Soldering is fine, if you use a “western union” splice (or is it an ITT splice ? Can’t remember, its something like that), solder it up, then slap a little tape around the splices. Staggering the splices will result in less width (bulk). But its so, well, ‘old fashioned’, it goes back to the days when the soldered splices were coverd with rubber tape, then ‘friction tape’ was applied over the rubber. Didn’t have vinyl ‘electricians tape’ back in those days. And, of course, no mechanical splicing devices.

Just kidding around. But this rather useless information does reflect on my age, doesn’t it? I learned of those old splicing techniques in trade school, never actually used them.

Hah I never heard the term western union splice so I Googled it.

Yes essentially twisting the wires before you solder them to make a stronger joint.
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