Shorted Arduino killed my mouse

Hey, so im fairly new to programming and to arduino, I've just gotten around to it for a school project. I dont remember exactly which port i used for this, but I made a standard pull up button without using a resistance (stupid). When pressed, the button shut off the arduino, and more strange; my mouse. I was puzzled, so i pressed it a few times, and now the mouse does not work anymore. It's looking pretty bricked. What happened? Why is this a thing that can happen? My mouse is broken ;_;

Post a link to the datasheet for your mouse.

Make a pencil drawing showing how you had everything connected and post a photo of the drawing. See this Simple Image Posting Guide

Post the program.


Did you try your mouse on another PC? Just to make sure that the mouse is indeed dead.

Did you power cycle your PC? There is often an overcurrent protection in the PC that stays active till after a power cycle. For a laptop, you might have to take the battery out as well.