Shortest TTL trigger IN & Out

I would like to use 2 TTL (Low < 1.2 V; HI> 1.4 V) “trigger” inputs that are lasting probably between 10-20 us and the AND gate them for ONE trigger output that lasts the AND time of the 2 inputs.

  1. Is it doable with the Arduino or should I go to electronics elements?
  2. What is the latency time between the input and the output Trigger?
  3. Should I perform it with the Analog or Digital Inputs?
  4. What if I would like to introduce a delay in usec in one input, how it is done in the code? (delay is ms area)

Many thanks in advance
“Y3G if 5G is around the corner ?!..” :wink:

Is that all that your application has to do? Or does it have to do other things as well?