Shorting tow open-collector outputs

Hi there, hope you are doing well.

I want to ask that is it feasible to short two open-open collector outputs (to avoid an OR gate)? As, open collector output is open and floating, unless grounded internally, grounding them EXTERNALLY (by 2nd sensor output) should not cause any damage.

I tested this by shorting the outputs of two 44E open-collector digital hall effect sensors and they worked fine. I just want to confirm if it really feasible doing so and won't cause any damage in long run?

Kindly let me your precious experience. Thanks.

my friend, i deleted a massive post that had me figure this out
why would it cause damage if the current flows around the suspect transistor and not thru it?
You can stack as much of them as you want.

what you are doing is literally called a bipolar nor gate right there...

Hope I nailed it, Cheers