Shot in the Dark

First of all Thanks to everyone here I have been reading a lot of post and learning a lot !! I am a newbie but have high ambitions ;)

Anywho here is my question. I have a XM Roadie that bit the dust but I [u]assume[/u] the LCD display is still ok i and I have taken it out and would like to be able to use it with the arduino. It has 20 pins across the bottom of it and the only numbers on it are as follows:

First line>>>>> CN015HIX01 Second Line >> 514581T

I know it is a shot in the dark but if anybody has a clue as to where I might find some info or if I'm totally insane for even thinking this is possible let me know. I wont be offended.

I did Google the numbers but No Dice.


you might find it easier and more time-efficient to just get a new display, as they are less than $20.


Yep I would say your right !!

I just like the thought of taking junk and reusing parts if possible but sometimes the pleasure just ain't worth the pain :)