Should I return my board?

I was taking a closer look at my arduino today and I noticed that the left most pin and the middle pin solder point on the voltage regulator looks like they may be bridged with a little bit of solder (I don't have a multimeter on hand so I can't verify that it is). has anyone seen anything like this before?

I also noticed that the header pins for digital 0-7 are bent inward, and not in line with the adjacent group of headers (8-13). Will this affect my ability to use shields like the Protoshield of Xbee?

I'm thinking I'd just be better off getting a replacement.

forget about the bridge... does the arduino WORK properly? does it spazz out, restart, or act funny? anything at all that is not working properly? if no, then the bridge wont matter... if the bridge would mess up the arduino, then it would do it now, so if the answer is "no" to all the q's above, then your board is fine.

and about the bent pins... can you cardully bend them back? try doing it very carefully, if possible grab a plier and hold it to the bootem of the contact so where the solder point is, it wont bend, becuase that causes breaking.. if it came bent, and you are unsatisfied with this baord, by all means return it. But to me, i'd try to fix it without damaging it becuase shipping it to them, having them review it, and and having it shipped back will take a while and will be a pain in the but. so try to bend em back, and if you hear slight crackaling, or something dont sound good, stop and return it, just dont damage it farther, becuase then you will have problems with returning it.

good luck and happy new years!

Hmm, I haven't seen a bridge on the voltage regulator before. As big93 said, does the board work properly? Also, you should be able to fit the shield in despite the angles of the pin headers.

Thanks for the replies. As for the pins, I guess I'll just keep them as they are. The angle of separation between the two groups of headers isn't very large. If they do become a problem in the future, I may try to fix it. My main concern was fitting a shield on, and if it won't be a problem then that's okay with me.

As for the regulator, I can't tell if it's some flux, or otherwise. I'll see if I can get a hold a wall wart to test it. What kind of behavior can I expect if they are bridged? Overheating? No power?

[UPDATE] It looks like it was flux after all. I got in there and cleaned it out with no problem.

edit: Does anyone know if it's safe to further clean the gap with 99% isopropyl?

i have no idea, but if the board works fine like you say, i think you should just leave it...

Does anyone know if it's safe to further clean the gap with 99% isopropyl?

It is safe to clean the flux with 99% isopropyl. I frequently use that along with a soft toothbrush to remove any flux residue.