Should I Use Active Cooling

Hey guys recently i decided to make a webserver project and got myself an ethernet shield but when i run it it gets really hot and i am going to run it 7/24 so do you think i should use a small fan for cooling ?

Cooling electronics always makes them last longer. If you are planning to use this thing continuously for more than a year, then cooling will help the longevity.

It does depend a little on how hot "really" is. Too-hot-to-touch may actually be within the chip's operating margins and no problem at all. To clarify this further, you would need to measure the temperature of each component and compare that to the datasheet for the component.

Thanks for the reply
The chip gets over 58°C and when i send a lot of data it reaches over 60 63°C so i think i will use a dc fan

Which chip ist "the chip"? Which Arduino are you using and how do you power it ?

The chip is Wiznet W5100 i am using an Arduino UNO and i am powering it from the USB port

I think passive cooling would be enough.

TOP Operating temperature -40 to 85 °C

That looks like a specification for ambient operating temperature. Meaning the chip will be adequately cooled when the surrounding air is at 85ºC. Since the surface of your chip is well under that temperature, it is definitely being adequately cooled.

But I would not expect any chip to survive very long at that high ambient temperature. The silicon inside will be much hotter. 95ºC is considered the maximum operating temperature for CPUs, when measured by a thermometer on the silicon.