Should I use nRF24L01 or ESP8266 for wireless communication in RC Car?

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I am trying to make an RC Car which can be controlled from my Computer. For the wireless communication should I be using nRF24L01 or ESP8266? If there’s also an alternative you can guide me about it?

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I don’t use the ESP unit but I think it operates over wifi.

I think you’ll get better end-to-end response times with NRFs

Either way, get a good simple example of how you plan to use the RF link working before you add all kindsa r/c stuff your real project needs.

With the NRFs, there are many examples. Get one to work without you messing with it.

Most tutorials make an important point about providing adequate power. Also, for testing, don’t place two units close together. Separate the two (receiver and transmitter) units by several meters or so.


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My vote is for the rf24.

But having an ESP8266 on each end and using ESPNow to communicate may be a way to go. See also Robin2's ESPNow tutorial.

If you read and, closely, follow Robin2's simple rf24 tutorial you should be able to get them working. That tutorial sure helped me. Run the CheckConnection.ino (look in reply #30) to verify the physical wiring between the radio module and its processor (Arduino).

Make sure the rf24 power supply can provide enough current. This is especially true for the high power (external antenna) modules. I use homemade adapters like these. They are powered by 5V and have a 3.3V regulator on the board. Robin2 also has suggested trying with a 2 AA cell battery pack.

If using the high powered radios make sure to separate them by a few meters. They may not work too close together. Try the lower power settings.

Reset the radios by cycling power to them after uploading new code. I have found that to help. They do not reset with the Arduino.

Switch to 1MB data rate to catch the not so cloned clones.
radio.setDataRate( RF24_1MBPS );

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