Should I use RFID for my project?

Hello everyone,

I'm an interaction design student and doing a prototype class and we're using Arduino UNO and I need an advice. My initial idea for a project was to create stickers which you stick on items you don't want to forget to put inside your bag. I need to create a physical prototype for it using Arduino. Since stickers are too small to work with Arduino, I have constructed a physical bag prototype, and I need to Arduino to sense something was put in/outside the bag and give an indication. I'm thinking of using RFID, but unsure that's the right solution. I'd be happy to get your opinion about it.


Only the correct idea if you have the RFID module at the mouth of the bag so that it only see one object at a time, and you can verify the difference between the object going in and being taken out.

RFID cannot identify more than one object within range.