Should I use Transistors?

Hello to all,

This is my first post and I’ve been doing alot of my research online for this one but can’t seem to get a solid grasp of solving this one as I’m new to electronics!!

My question is: I’ve gotten a 8.4V DC stepper motor from a friend who I think got it from a printer. Seeing that the Arduino pushes 5V max, how do I up the Volts to be able to run the motor? I came across transistors but then the schematics of putting it together is giving me some serious trouble. Am I in the right direction in the first place??? Or should I be looking in a completely different direction? Can anyone point me in the direction of what the schematic would look like?

Any assistance would be deeply appreciated. Thanks a mil in advance for any responses.

Nope, stepper motors require more complex control than just a single transistor. You will also need a separate power supply for the motor.

  1. google "transistor as a switch" and "PWM" to learn about these fundamental concepts, and

  2. google "stepper motor" to learn about them. May be too much for a first project, though.


Yes, a transistor is likely to work for a DC motor (two wires, right?). Google for 'Arduino transistor' to see examples.

Well I've done the beginner topics with the starter kit but Patduino thanks for your recommendation...transistor as a switch. Read some books on beginning with Arduino and did some start up projects but I do think this maybe a little over the edge for me, wanted a bit more of a challenge.
Thanks for the responses.

First you'll need to determine what type of motor it is.

Stepper motors are very different than regular ole' DC motors.

How many wires?

Thanks for your response.

It is 4 wires.

If you google "4 wire stepper motor" you'll get a lot of information about them. Hopefully, you'll be able to tell how to control them from the many examples.