Show and tell: Hamburg

Hi, do you want to show your projects, or works in progress, in Hamburg, Germany, at a gallery Show-and-tell night? Let me know and we can work out a date: Looking forward to getting some people together here, I know you're out there.

when? can you give more details?

I want to do something by the end of april, beginning may, somewhat depending on what other things are happening here. The place is a freelance bureau of illustrators, fashion people, a photographer and a couple of researchers, with exhibition space in Schantze. We have irregular exhibitions and a concept fashion store in the house. The idea of a workshop has also come up, connecting with people from scandinavia, and an informal get-together where people show their stuff could be a good first step to prepare for an event like that later on. If there is an interest we could fit something in, basically I want to get some networking going and connect people here in Hamburg.

Thats a nice idea.

And i’m in Copenhagen which is not too far frm Hamburg.

I’m a bit busy over the next couple of months, but i might be interested.

sound very interesting to me. Maybe I can show the LumiNet, but it depends on the date. May sounds better than April. What do you guess, how many people will come?