show control using arduino

hi, i'm starting a project in which i'll need to sequence 6 stepper (with serial motor controllers) , 16 servos (via pwm) and a lot of digital in and outs.

each steppers runs a car on a track, with reed switches as a (rough) motor encoder and several servos and leds along each track.

i would like to get some advice on the strategies to sequences the program flow. what worries me the most is the arduino getting swamped with messages and fails to read an input, being busy with other things.

i have around 6 reed switches on each "track" should i use interrupts? - i dont have enough for every reedSwitch should i use some form of threading? i think i'll be using an Arduino mega, should i switch to using an Uno for each track and communicate between Arduinos?

another thing is more of a design choise. whats the besst strategy for timing events, should i use the blink without delay example, or anything else.

hope im being clear, yosh

Yay, start simple, that's the way to go. Don't use PWM for servos (assuming you mean RC servos), use PPM

hi groove,
i re-read my post and it does read looks like im a total noob. which im not (not totally anyway :slight_smile: )

i did a quick search for controlling servos using ppm+arduino and got very little.
i never heard of ppm and i’ll look into it but i think i have enough pwm capable ports on a mega to satisfy my needs.
ok, i see i have a problem here. i’ll look into it, i hope the megaServo lib (now included) can do the trick, thanks

about the sequencing- i did something similar before using an UDP capable timeline program to connect to arduino (via processing). highly recommended for timing events on the arduino but i need something a bit different, and with no computer envolved.

back to square one.