Show on 8x8 led matrix a stored message according to a keypad input

I want to show a message on 8x8 led matrix according to a keypad input, ie, if the user presses a 2 digit code (00-99), that number relates to a stored message (surname), which must displayed on led matrix. I need at least 100 different messages.
I think I need 6-8 led 8x8 led matrix. Scroll, and buzzer notification.
Arduino board needed, hardware?


  1. user presses a 2 digit code (00-99) on keypad. Enter
  2. message is displayed on led matrix, scrolling could be necessary. (10 secs.)
  3. buzzer sounds when message is displayed. (1 sec.)
  4. reset display.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi, any basic Arduino like Uno or Nano 3, Micro, Pro Micro.

Get 8x8 matrices driven by max7219 chips. These can be daisy-chained and need only 3 connections to the Arduino.

You will need an external 5V power supply, I'm pretty sure running 216 to 512 leds in total will be too much for the Arduino's power regulator. Get a 3A 5V switch-mode PSU and that can power the Arduino and display. Bypass the barrel connector & on-board regulator by powering the Arduino through the 5V input. Take another line from the PSU to the display's 5V input.

Thanks PaulRB, fungus.
I have an idea to start with hardware, now I go for the software.-

Look at parola library, written for projects like this.
8x8 matrix driven by max7219 only has 8 LEDS on at any one time, so 8 displays = 64 LEDs on at a time, and under 1.5A is needed. This would do as an example:

nicolas_XII - Here is a link to Marco’s Parola library
there are also some files for a larger version of his PCB boards for 60 mm 8 x 8 LED matrixes (Pedro147 Bigger Parola) which can be seen in operation here

and finally Marco’s Parola thread here

Good luck I would be interested in the outcome of your project XD