Show up text on a 8X8 LED matrix, character by character

Hi guys, I'm a beginner using arduino, I've started 2 days ago and I'm wondering how I can show a text on a 8x8 matrix, but I don't want the text to be scrolled on the matrix (Left to right or right to left). Instead, what I want is the text to be shown character by character on the matrix.

How do I go about that?

for instance, if the text I want to show is "Hello" I want the 'H' to be shown first and after a second the 'e' has to be shown and so on.

Any basic example? Thanks

What exact 8x8 LED matrix? Are you using a library? Which one?

What have you tried?

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So you will then be using one of these MAX7219 modules:

The easiest way to use these, scrolling or not, is to use Marco's "Parola" library in the IDE. Comes with plenty of examples.

Note this module type is called an "FC-16" (as you see on the board illustrated) when you use the library.

That said, it is far more fun and useful to use a four or 8-matrix module and scrolling. :grin:

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