Showcase my upgrade to traditional 3RD hand soldering aide

I'm always stumbling over this popular 3rd hand clamp. It's like the first version that was made, I inherited from my father after he is now too old to use. It's works good, after I put enough tape on the clamps to stop from biting the soft wires.

If anyone else shares the same problem as me, with the clumsy ball joints, and BALANCE with the undersized base, this may help you.

I attached pictures of my modification.

I take a magnetic machinist's indicator post (found at economy price at Harbor Freight):

First I remove the clumsy main ball joint, then clamp it into where the dial-indicator would normally go.

Now the base is stable (after I actually add an additional scrap of junk steel to the magnetic base). I can scoot it around my desk without collapsing. It will hold wires and whatever else steady without wanting to fall over all the time.

This is not the best thing in the world, but it solves alot of my problems. It's like $10.00 for magnetic base, from Harbor Freight (or you may find them used in flea markets - they are usually used in metal shop / fabricating to inspect). I just wanted to share idea, for anyone else.