sHOWer, suggestion for my project

hi everybody and congratulations for this forum, i need some help. i would realise a project using the great "arduino platform". i would have to connect a reader of badge to arduino and when this one detects anything a song should start playing, maybe connecting a cd player or saving the song inside arduino, what do you think? any suggestion? thanks a lot,


from Italy

you could give me some advice? thanks

I think you have posted in the wrong forum. Have a bit of patience ;).

There are a lot of articles on this website. If you use Google you will find many more. Including a similar project (

If you want something more standalone you could still use the Parallax RFID reader but combine it with for instance a MP3 trigger or MP3 shield from Sparkfun.

The most fun you can have with the Arduino is figuring things out for yourself. Do some tutorials, try some new things. There are a lot of resources out there, including this great forum :).

this and these

were cheaper than the Parallax and were very easy to work with back when I was doing something similar.