Shower timer?? Trying to figure out if its possible

I have 3 teenage boys in the home, one of them would take a 30 to 40 minute shower if given the chance, this summer while he is on summer break from school, he has that chance at least 5 days a week,

I have an idea but not sure how to start developing it, I know a little about old school electronics but no knowledge of the newer stuff, arduino and programming

This is my idea, a solinoid valve on the hot water line, a key pad by the shower, all connected to a control, each kid would have there own PIN and an override PIN, the single user pin would allow the water to be activated for a set time, ie... 10 min but would keep the water turned off after that for a minimum of 20 hours, the master PIN could override the time limits,

If anybody has any ideas or would like to talk about the project, please feel free to PM me, thank you

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From the technological point of view it seems feasible as long as you avoid using mains voltages anywhere and can make the necessary parts waterproof and capable of being kept clean. From the 'human factors' point of view it seems to me that there ought to be a more reasonable way to address the issue short of physically preventing the behaviour that you want to stop.

I have 3 teenage boys in the home, one of them would take a 30 to 40 minute shower if given the chance, this summer while he is on summer break from school, he has that chance at least 5 days a week,

Are they still getting an allowance from you?

Tell them if the monthly water bill exceeded the monthly budget amount, then all 3 boys will have their allowance deducted equally among them to cover the extra surcharge.

On the other hand, a clean smelling kid is much better to be around with than a slobbering smelly teenager.

I'd say pick your battles wisely. :)

The voltage is not an issue, the solinoid valve would be in the wall, on the hot water supply pipe, that's 24 volts, the keypad would be in the bathroom but not right next to the shower, I would probably have the controller in our closet, well away from the water

I had a shower head timer on the shower, it worked well until we caught him removing it for his shower, this kid has no sence of time, we have tried timers that beep after a certain time and have even shut the water off on him, when were here, we can monitor the time, it's just when we're gone to work in the mornings is where the problem comes in, he has no supervision during those times, No allowance so there is no monetary loss for him,

The best thing in my situation is to cut the hot water flow,

What you are actually doing is teaching the kid to be be smarter about problem solving, which in itself is not a bad thing for society in general, assuming the kid manages to grow up.

I recall this posting where a guy was using various computer vision software to identify squirrels on his bird feeders, and aiming water guns at the squirrels: I can't find the followup, that basically said, the squirrels got used to the water guns.

I recall when I was a teenager, I was interested in magic, and read a biography on the escape artist Houdini. Evidently the reason he started picking locks, was his mother would lock up the sweets with a padlock. So pick your battles wisely.

I think it's a great practical project. I have had issues like that with my boys. We have been home so it's pretty easy to just turn the valve on the hot water after 20 minutes or so. They finish up really quickly with no hot water. The project should be pretty straightforward to build.

One thing you might want to take into account--it might not be necessary to deactivate the hot water for 20 hours. Probably 5 minutes would suffice. In my experience, once they get out, it's not worth it to wait 5 minutes and get back in.

How old is your house? Most modern homes use nice 1/4 turn shutoff valves for the hot water, right before every outlet.

There are plenty of electronic shut off valves that could be activated by the Arduino, but you run into the problem of the kid just unplugging it or unscrewing the device.

It would be a great water saver if anything, a 20 min or longer shower is totally un-needed and a waste of water, I built and plumbed the house, cutting in a valve hidden somewhere is not an issue, there is plenty of places to hide to control box, that would never be found

I like the long lock out time, he would get back in if he had the chance

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FWIW the loud piezo on this has been simple yet effective. They want to get out and hit the button to reset it before the alarm at the end. We can hear the countdown peeps from anywhere in the house and the boys have become quite self-regulating over it (so nobody gets to shower without punching the red button to start the timer).

That project started as a proof of concept on using the reset as the input to a state machine but it's doing the job.

All the best, Geoff

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