Showing off spectrum analyzer on LCD

Just wanted to show off the small project I threw together using an rMP3 and a serial LCD on a Duemilanove.

It shows 10 bands during playback. Can get up to 23 bands from the rMP3, but don't have enough space on the LCD to display them.

Go here for more info:


cool board! :)

You know what. I'm impressed. No daft punk! ;D

Funny guy! :P

I heard that Armin, Guy and Thomas are all buddies (that's "mates" to you) anyway.

(if you believe that... I've also got some cool state-of-the-art write-only-memory I can sell you, CHEAP!)

can you make a small video with a sine-sweep from 1hz to 20khz?

would be interesting to see :)

I can tell you without doing the sweep that it won't be what you expect. VLSI (the mp3 decoder manufacturer) indicates that:

The analysis of low frequencies is not very accurate in the VS1011 version.

But overall, I've found that you get a pretty good representation of what is going on. Also, when you boost up the serial connection to the rMP3 up to 115200 bps using a hardware serial port, you get more samples, and it responds more smoothly.