Showing Radar on webserver

Hello :)

I saw this and multiple other videos and i'd like to make such a project on my own. Instead of showing the radar on the computer through a processing sketch, i'd like to show the radar on my arduino webserver, which is setup through the ethernet shield. So i know how to read the data from the sensor etc, and how to drive the servo etc, but how is it possible to show the read values in a radar animation on my arduino website ? I am not a css, javascript pro so i am not 100% sure how to visualize this data on my webserver. Somebody here who can give me a hint or knows some resources where i can get information on how to do this ?

Best Regards, David

You might look for a web page on the net that has an active radar type display, and look at the page source code. You might also look at what can be done using Ajax code in a web page like below.

Thank your for this advice ! Could it be possible if i got a processing sketch to show a radar from the arduino sensor values, to embed this process sketch in my arduino webserver ? I think i heard a while ago something about Processing.js (javascript port).

Do you know if something like this is possible ?

Thanks, David