Showing temperature on twitter using arduino

I just want to know that how do you guys show temperature on twitter instead of showing the temperature sensor(TMP36) value? Here’s my coding:

const int lightSensorPin=2;
const int tempPin1=3;
const int tempPin2=4;
char tweetText[140];

void loop() {
  if (millis() - lastConnectionTime > connectionInterval) {
    float lightLevel = map(analogRead(lightSensorPin),0,1023,0,100);
    sendData(0, lightLevel);  
    float temperature1 = ((getVoltage(tempPin1) -.5) * 100L);
    sendData(1, temperature1); 
    float temperature2 = ((getVoltage(tempPin2) -.5) * 100L);
    sendData(2, temperature2); 

    lastConnectionTime = millis();
    Serial.println("Waiting for next reading");
  if (analogRead(lightSensorPin) < 30.0)
    sprintf(tweetText, "Alert. Temperature1: %d. ", tempPin1);

(i wont show the void setup because its all about the connection between computer and ethernet and its working fine)
When i tried to put temperature1 instead of temppin1, it gives me the error, saying that it was not declared. Any ideas?

You should probably post your full code. ;)