ShowStopper LED Lighting System with Android Bluetooth Control

Before I get to the juicy details and how it benefits the Arduino/Maker Community, the Sales Pitch!

My lighting controller uses an Atmega328 and was programmed using the Arduino IDE for all of the AWESOME libraries and support! This forum has helped me over the past two years prepare and perfect the design both in code and Hardware! I have gained assistance here both from posting and reading, with using the TLC5940 with mosfets, the MSGEQ7, and all of the code that ties it together.

The website is Facebook: Youtube: Flickr:

Now, my design is Open Source, upon request. That's Schematics, Eagle Files, Board Source for both the Atmega328 and the PJRC Teensy++ 2.0, as well as the Android Source. There were quite a few hurdles to overcome, including a problem I saw repeated over and over with Android Bluetooth Dsicovery and it being required to Hard-Code the MAC Address of your Bluetooth Module in order to connect. My Solution to the MAC problem is to simply load a MAC Address from a text file on the SD Card. Anyone is welcome to improve/modify and distribute the Boards and Code under and Open Source License! It is my hope that improved/modified board code will give users even more options and Awesomeness to look forward to!

The Source is fully available at, I apologize for the error.