ShrimpKey - a MakeyMakey-substitute for less than 10 USD

I’ve made the ShrimpKey - a MakeyMakey-substitute.
It can be made for less than 10 USD.

The ShrimpKey is a shield for the Shrimp ( - an Arduino Uno-substitute.
But it should also work with an Arduino Uno (although I haven’t tested it).

More information and full building instructions can be found on my blog:

Please let me know if you’re going to make one!
Twitter: @fromScratchEd #ShrimpKey

Wowsers! Do you mind shrinking that huge image?

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Wowsers! Do you mind shrinking that huge image? [/quote]

Oops! Accidentally uploaded the full-size image. I've replaced it with the smaller version. Sorry!

Thank you. Unfortunately, that sequence has exposed a minor bug in the forum software.

Moving on... Nice project! Thank you for posting!