Shrink Arduino-TLC5940 using Attiny85

Apologies for if this question is noobish. I’m new to electronics and Arduino and have been relying on youtube and the internet to shrink arduino projects. Any help on the below queries is much appreciated. All I’m trying to do is fade about 8-10 leds in one direction. If there are no simple solutions, then i’ll just drop the tlc5940 and use the digital pins of the Attiny85 to accomplish what I need.

1.To drive the fading of leds, could anyone share how can the Attiny85 be connected to the TLC5940?

2.Is it possible to shrink this arduino-tlc5940 project into the Attiny85 per the instructions on

I get an error “#error “Unknown Chip!”” when loading this script into the Attiny85 (using Arduino as
ISP) , which i suspect requires another library to run.

script below relies on attached files :

#include “AlaLed.h”
AlaLed ledBar;
byte pins = { 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 };

void setup()
ledBar.initTLC5940(10, pins);
ledBar.setAnimation(ALA_PIXELSMOOTHSHIFTRIGHT, 2000);


void loop()


Ala.cpp (2.89 KB)

Ala.h (6.24 KB)

AlaLed.cpp (9.24 KB)

AlaLed.h (2.68 KB)