Shrinking high side switch?

I am controlling a VFD (display) from my Arduino. I have a 12V external power supply for the display. For each pin in the display (More than 24) I have a high side switch similar to the schematic below (I don't have R4 & R3 in my circuit). I control the switches from bit shift registers:

For each pin/switch I need 4 components. It takes up a lot of space. How could I go about shrinking the circuit? Any ICs available? Arrays of transistors? Clever ideas?

Schematic above is from:


You can get transistor arrays in DIP or SMD packages. The same goes for resistors. Are your two resistors different sizes? If so then 4 IC's would provide you with what you need I'd have thought.

Go do some hunting through datasheets and RS/Farnell/Digikey/Mouser etf for transistor and resistor arrays.