SHT 1x/7x humidity in sensor low resolution mode?

Hi there,
I need to say I am not a professional in shifting bits to sensors but more on the library application side of the game... :-[
However I am using Sensirion SHT75 sensors with the library from Marcus Schatzl (see playground) and it works brilliant! The sensor works in full resolution but it takes about 320mS to give a result.
Has anyone an idea (or seen a script) how to readout the sensor in lower resolution ? Using the sensor with 12 instead of 14 bits resolution doesn't take 320mS but 80 which is of advance for me.

You want to send a "write status register" command to the device and send it the value 00000001 (binary). You'll only need to do this once after power up, or after sending a software reset command.

Don't forget to change your temperature and humidity coefficients. They are listed in the device datasheet.

I just posted an enhanced version of the library you are using (announced in the Software->Development forum). One of the enhancements includes the ability to set the sensor resolution. Depending on what your concerns are with respect to the time required to complete a measurement, the non-blocking feature may be of use. It allows your sketch to do other work while the sensor does its thing. I linked the new library on the Playground page or just go directly to: