SHT15 Humidity/Temp sensor - Arduino pins4/5 OK

I've been wondering whether the Sensirion Humidity sensor SHT15 is I2C compatible or not. The info from the datasheet of SHT15 clearly says that it's not I2C compatible. --FAQ -Is your bi-directional 2-wire interface compatible with I2C ?

No it is not. The difference is in the start/stop sequence (transition start with SHTxx) and how the SHTxx humidity sensor signals the end of a measurement. SHTxx should not share a I2C bus with I2C components. However sharing of the SCK line and using a dedicated DATA line for the SHTxx humidity sensor will work well.

I thought Arduino Diecimila pins 4 and 5 are compatible for the I2c communication.

I hope someone could clear up my confusion. Thanks in advance.


What's the confusion?

The device's datasheet says it's not I2C compatible. Therefore if you try to do I2C communcation using the two-wire library and pins 4 & 5 on the Arduino it will likely not work.

It's a little like saying I don't speak French, so trying to communicate with me in that language will probably not result in an acceptable outcome.

If you want to communcate with the device then you'll have to follow the documentation in their datasheet and implement the appropriate signaling protocol.

Thank you for your help.

I thought the 'digital 2-wire interface', shown in SFE product page, is synonymous with TWI or I2C, which is not.