SHT1x Temperature and Humidty Issue

Hello, I have been trying to fix this for days. I am using an ARDUINO MEGA 2560 in pair with a SH1x to record temperature and relative humidity. I have attached my code, picture of boar layout and my results. Any help would be appreciated.

_11111.ino (958 Bytes)


picture of boar layout


The negative humidity values indicate a communication problem between your board and the sensor.

I presume that the sensor is on a module board or shield. Can you post a data sheet for the module?

Not a single bit of code with digital input work in the slightest. I have since tried using analog inputs instead and got it working perfectly. After about 3 hours, my sensor started showing data errors ( -40 degrees C and -4 percent RH). I am attaching my new code, board layout, and the datasheet of my SHT sensor.


Sensirion_Humidity_Sensors_SHT1x_Datasheet_V5.pdf (350 KB)

Temperaure_humidty_Sensor_Finished.ino (1.8 KB)