Shuffle/Random to get one of 8 values. BEGINNER here.

Hi there. First, thank you for your help. Note: I'm not native english, so probably I commit grammar mistakes.

I'm doing an exercise with Arduino that basically is to recreate the typical "Bottle" game with LEDs.

I have 8 leds connected to pins 1-8 and I want them to spin around until (after decreasing the speed), stops pointing randomly someone (one led is HIGH during 10 seconds)

The spinning and decreasing speed is fine, what i don't find is the way to, every time I press the button, ends the cycle pointing someone different. I guess that I have to tell the button to read one of the 8 ends I have in the code, something like "GOTO line XX" action. I don't find the way to make it.

Thank you very much, any help/clue is welcome. Curro.

Set the length of time the spinning LEDs to a random time. You will get a random ending LED.

Hi. Thank you. Instead of that, can I randomly jump to a code line? this way i can set the decreasing speed until the end.

Instead of that, can I randomly jump to a code line?

What do you want to have happen at that “code line”?

fosforo2: I don't find the way to make it.

You can easily code a kind of physics simulation, that starts with a random "rotation speed", from that calculates with "rotation energy", "friction" and "energy los", until finally the rotation energy is 0 and the system halts.

The moving LEDs will slow down, the movement gets slower, slower and slower and finally the simulation stops at the final LED. Just the same in a simulation as in the game "spin the bottle" with real physics, initial rotation speed, energy, friction, energy loss and stop.

Than you for your replies.

Econjack, as my code skills are really bad, I though that adding 8 different endings to the rotation, finishing in one different LED each "peace of code" could be a solution to it. I see that it doesn't make sense now.

Jurs, thank you for you answer. It sounds great, but I don't know where to start. Any clue? so I can start measuring the variables..

thank you for the answers so far.