SI 4133 PLL + Arduino mega = help!

Hi there all, first post and I hope it is in the right place.
I have been playing with the Arduino now for a solid week and are loving the way that the language works, well down guys and gals to that bit.

My question is has anybody played with the SI 4133, basic run down it is a Dual- band RF synthesizer with intergrated VCOs' and can produce frequencies from 750 MHz to 1.8GHz in the data sheet I know you can get higher I have one here that does 2.1GHz easy.
Looking at the data sheet it looks like it is an I2C data bus , well meaning it has the three main things, Sdata, Sclk and Senb. This chip is very easy to electronically hook up and make work, plenty of people have boards made with the chip on it, BUT they always have PICs' (not a good thing to say about pics' so I say nothing) or picaxes what do I say.

I was hoping with a little guidance that I could make an open source PLL design for the Arduino, as I said I love these things, just that I need an idea on how the library is meant to go together. I would like to make the library easy to use with the PLL with out the need to break out the calculator every time a new frequency is needed to be programmed.

I look forward to any ideas and I always keep an open mind.

Current projects I am working on are all Ham radio, currently making UHF into microwave frequencies and this is where the PLL idea falls into the picture.

cheers and 7 3 s'