si-en SN3218A, where/how to buy?

Hi all

I have seen references to an Arduino library for the SN3218 LED controller chip, an 18 channel i2c device...

What I'm having a much harder time finding is a way to purchase the chip itself. So far no luck on Ebay, nor with the major Canadian electronics vendors I have tried.

Is this chip obsolete already and if so, what would be the recommended alternative (preferably with an existing library because I am lazy)? I did see this

but it seemed a bit pricey and overkill for what I wanted (don't need fancy pwm, just on/off).

I really need to reduce the number of pins occupied by status LEDs :slight_smile: and shift registers seem so clunky compared to an i2c slave.

Look for i2c or spi port expanders or use shift registers.

Thanks sterretje, the magic words were "port expander". Now that I'm searching for that instead of "led controller" I'm finding tons of useful gizmos, from raw ICs to finished breakout boards.