SI4432 Help

Hey guys, I'm new to arduino and i'd like some help about the SI4432 wireless modules. I read online that the library i was supposed to use is RF22 and when i use this library with the rf22_test example it says init failed :/

Do you have any idea what is wrong ?

I tested it on uno without the CD4050 and it doesn't seem to work, and the second time i tried on a Pro Mini 3v3 8Mhz which did not work either :'(

I used this :,_Shield-Protected%29

And the module is one I bought off ebay .

Thx !

Module is 3.3V, interfacing it directly to 5V arduino is a way to kill. Does your board looks like this:

Thanks for the answer! But before i hooked it up to 5v arduino i hooked it up to 3v3 Pro mini and it didn't work :/ If you have any other advice I still have a second module to try out.

And yes it is the same as in the picture but with green soldermask insted of blue ;)

Hello, I bought this module, and I linked it to arduino pro mini at 3.3v. I hope I linked it correctly, anyone has a wiring diagram to share? Also, it's possibile to receive a 433mhz coming from a remote control to turn-on a lamp (after arduino linked to a relay)? And how to do this?