Sick of Dog pee can Arduino help? buzer or shock?

Well i have 2 chihuahuas, They use a pee pad very well and it works for us. (please dont make this into a pee pad vs out side talk its just what we use for now) When we first got the dogs we had the pee pad in our bed room (bad move) ever thow we have not have had one in our bed room for over 2 years, about once a week there will be a pee spot where the pee pad once was. We need this to stop.

What i want to do is set up the arduino to sound a very loud buzz or something when the dogs gets with in 5 feet of the spot. what i dont want is it to go off when i walk by so i need to make something very small that can go on my dogs caller that the arduino can pick up and it must me something light and little rember they are little dogs.

my other thought if this dose not work is instead of the arduino buzzing, make a caller that will give them a very little shock when they get with in 5 feet of the arduino. but i much rather go with the buzz. So im starting right here i have an arduino 2009 so im just trying to brain storm on how to build this project. Please any help you can give will make me very happy.

our dogs

Have you tried using something to remove the pee odor and pee-pad odor? We use some stuff from Bissell that seems to work well.

first of all they are only peeing on my clothes that i through on the floor before i go to bed. I dont really need tips on what to do like that.(but thank you) im really just looking for tips on this arduino project. Thank you for your post.

first of all they are only peeing on my clothes that i through [threw?] on the floor before i go to bed

So, don't throw stuff on the floor. Fold it neatly, or put it in the laundry basket.

I think you misunderstand the above comment. Animals pick a spot and go there - they associate the smell with their place to go to the toilet. If you can remove the smell then you can often solve the problem. Be careful though - a lot of household cleaners use amonia which can trigger the same behaviours. The other possibility is that they are trying to mark over your smell (I'm not saying you smell!). Our cat once pee'd in a suitcase full of worn clothes. I think to them it just smells like another animal has been there marking its territory and they are just asserting their authority.

I don't think it would be hard to make a proximity device with a wave shield that could scold them or bark at them when they get near to the spot.

Arduino Wave shield Ultrasonic/PIR sensor

You could use a PIR sensor and ultrasonics to keep the dogs away, which would be a quick and easy solution. It wouldn't distinguish between the dogs and you, but it doesn't matter as humans can't hear the ultrasonics so it wouldn't bother you. It doesn't hurt the dogs, but is unpleasant for them, so they`ll soon learn to stay away from that area. Once they're trained you can then stop using it.

If you look on the interweb you can find ultrasonic circuits that will do the job, also kits are available for very little now. I built one myself to keep a cat out of the bedroom and it worked really well.

Maybe RFID can be of some help. Put an RFID tag on the collar and a reader at the spot where to use to pee.

You need to have an adjustable RFID reader that works at 5 feet. Most RFID readers I have seen people use here on the forums need closer proximity of the tags to the reader.

I can't be of much help now. Next month I start a new job at a company that uses RFID mostly for their products. I could ask if no one else comes up with other ideas.

Good luck!

I have a very similar problem! If I leave a fire burning when I go to bed, I wake up to cat poop in the ashes. if you make any progress you should post it!