siemens tc35 and arduino

hello guys,

I have a siemens TC35. At the beginning i want to read the sms that i will send to the TC35 to the serial monitor

So, i had connect the TC35 with the Arduino UNO like TX from Arduino to TC35 TXD and RX from Arduino to TC35 RXD with jumper wires, and i had upload the example code of ReceiveSMS and it does not work.

any instructions?

thanks in advance

Have you looked at

I had build the following code to display sms, that i sent from my mobile phone to tc35 gsm/gprs, to serial monitor but i do not getting nothing

Any suggestions?

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

char c;

SoftwareSerial Sms(2,3); //(rx,tx)

void setup(){

void loop(){
if (Sms.available() > 0){
c =;



Anyone that has done a project like this to give me some instructions or information how to make it work?

From your code above it looks like you are printing everything back to the GSM module instead that to the Arduino's serial console. What you read from the GSM (Sms in your case) should be printed to Serial for you to see it.