When will the US version of the Sigfox board be available (915 mhz).

Similar to the MKRFOX1200 for Europe, except with the US frequency.


Sorry for the transgression.

I thought this was a joint venture with Arduino and Sigfox. So, why not ask the question on an Arduino forum.

You may ask on here and it was announced in Arduinos OWN blog feed.

Only problem is that most of have not yet acquired one so dont have hands on experience or other knowledge just yet.

The other thing is that until somebody up above us lowly users releases the information we are still just mushrooms down here in these forums.

Interesting to note they seem to be moving away from the older footprint to a much more breadboard friendly one.

All I can suggest is follow the blog, look into the shop, and sigfox's own website

Thanks for clarifying.

I posted the same question to the Sigfox Q & A platform last week. No replies.

I was hoping someone from within Arduino would monitor this site and provide some information.

Thats just crazy talk...

We have to throw big bipartisan tantrums to get anyone to look at things from our POV and tell us whats going on in the big bad world...Not often they let us out of our forum cages. :wink:


Copying here the reply I posted on the Sigfox Q&A platform earlier, to make sure information is properly shared :slight_smile:

No ETA yet for a US version of the Arduino MKRFOX1200.

Background story : when Arduino started this project last year, the Microchip/Atmel solution wasn't fully ready for Sigfox Radio Config Zone 2 (US / Mexico / Brazil).
So they decided to move forward with a Sigfox RCZ1 only (Europe + South Africa) version at first.

If you want to get started with Sigfox+Arduino in the US right now (without waiting for the MKRFOX1200), I'd recommend you one of the following solutions :