@ sign being substituted by " sign when trying to enroll chrome devices

Hi there
I having a slight issue with the @ sign for some reason.

I am using the Centipede_for_v58_and_up script to add the email address for the username used for enrolling the chrome device:

#define username "manager@ourschooldomain.co.uk"

When the script is run on the chrome device it types: manager"ourschooldomain.co.uk

Is there anywhere on the script i need to make sure the keyboard is a UK (GB) keyboard layout? The chromebook itself is already preloaded and setup with a UK keyboard so i am very confused as to why it substitutes the @ sign with " sign.

Many thanks in advance!

Is this a question about programming an Arduino ?

I think not

Why would you think otherwise? if i am in the wrong forum, perhaps you would be kind to point me in the right direction?

I am using the Centipede_for_v58_and_up script

I'm sure you know what that is, but nobody else here does. You need to provide enough information to make it possible for us to help you.

Why would you think otherwise?

Well, to start with you refer to running a script. The Arduino does not run scripts, rather it runs compiled C++ code. Then there is the small matter of you not posting any code or even a link to any code. You have also not provided any details of the hardware being used or the version of the IDE.

Did you read this before posting a programming question ?

I've deleted your other cross post @galijanach.

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Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

sorry about that guys. I am a complete noob to this thing.

Here is a link to the script:

I entered the email address in line 20 as below:
#define username "manager@myschooldomain.co.uk" // Define the user name for enrolling the device.

The device i am using is called OSOYOO Pro Micro ATmega328 Pro Mini. When i upload the sketch into the arduino device and then plug it into the chromebook i am trying to enroll, everything goes well until it reaches the email address input whereby it changes the @ sign with ".

I must be missing something for sure but i can't find anything on the sketch to point me in the right direction.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In the Arduino world, programs are called "sketches". If you call them scripts, it will cause confusion because they are definitely not scripts.

The Keyboard library used by that sketch is for US keyboards. The different keyboard layout between the UK and US keyboards is the reason why you're getting a different character than you expect.

Sorry for the confusion again! Sketch it is!

So, would i need to change my PC keyboard layout to US and then retype the @ sign using the "? I am guessing as this device is a key logger, that's probably the best way around it.

So, would i need to change my PC keyboard layout to US and then retype the @ sign using the "?

You could do one or the other. Certainly you shouldn’t do both.

I am guessing as this device is a key logger, that’s probably the best way around it.

No, it’s definitely not a key logger. A keylogger is a piece of software that records the keystrokes someone types on a keyboard. They are usually used by hackers to steal private information.

What you have is a sketch that automates Chromebook deployments. Very different, and a much better use for an Arduino.

Thanks for that. I will try typing the @ sign using a US layout keyboard and see what happens.

Thank you so much for all your help so far. Much appreciated.

On the UK keyboard the '@' and double-quote have swapped position relative to the US keyboard. Just put a double-quote where you want the '@'.

#define username "manager\"ourschooldomain.co.uk"