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Hey Guys!
I work many weeks on a project, but i cant finish...idk maybe im dumb
I want built something like this..

**i dont use the typical flex sensor, i use the ZD10-100

Can someone who worked on it or who did find this in a project hub send me the link or the code for the ZD10-100 pleeeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeee and thx

sry for my english

Hi just14yo,

I assume that you are just 14 years old.
OK in this age it is normal to not know yet how to manage such porjects.
Well a first step is: do some own research.
I googled with the keywords "arduino ZD10-100" and of course google came up with some hits.

The hits told me that a ZD10-100 is a

flex sensor

So I changed the keywords to "arduino flex sensor" which came up with very useful links.
The basic strategy behind this is

  • start googling with very specific terms including the word "arduino"
    if the hits found are not satisfying change to more general words as search-items

And as a much more generalised tip:
Your project is of general benefit. That is very honorable. If you have no experience with programming and electronics (yet) this project is quite ambitious. Of course it is doable
but you have to learn the basics.

If your imagination is: "find a similar code write some minor adaptions and then it will work.
This is not true. It is quite an amount of work and it requires learning the basics about programming and electronics.

So please tell us what is your knowledge-level about programming and electronics and what kind of measurement-equipement do you have?

best regards Stefan

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Thx for your answer but YES i know how i do research with goolge and my problem is that the
ZD10-100 is not important in "this world" i make so many research and my knowledge-level is oke

So just build a wheat-stone bridge and use a HX711 to measure bending and everything will be OK. As you said you will find everything online.
Well "my knowledge is oke" does tell nothing. anyway it is up to you to ask specific questions what you want to know.
best regards Stefan

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