Sign Language Glove

Hi Everyone,

I am relatively new to Arduino and I am trying to create a glove that interprets sign language based on flex sensor positioning. The circuit doesn't have any problems, but for some reason, whenever I run the program, no matter how I orient the flex sensors, it will ALWAYS put 'A' in the readout, even if I'm clearly not in the position of 'A' for the sensors. If you guys could read my code, which I will post below and give as many comments as possible, it would be a great help.
Thank you so much,
Julian :slight_smile:

Science_Fair_Official.ino (1.38 KB)

Could everyone post suggestions on here please? Thank you so much

First of all, what on earth are you thinking starting the lines with a semicolon. In all the example sketches you've seen, have you seen anyone else do that? No! So why do you think it is a good idea to invent your own weird code style? This only makes your code harder to read and makes it look very unprofessional. Stop doing that!

Second, this is incorrect:
if(threshold1 < analogValue1 < threshold2...
It should be written:
if(threshold1 < analogValue1 && analogValue1 < threshold2...

Thank you so much it helped a lot

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