signal analysing I2C to find Error of BMP280

Hi everybody

I have two BMP280 pressure sensors. I tried different example-codes but both sensors are not even recognized on the I2C-bus by a I2C-scanner. So to narrow down the problem I want to check if the I2C-Bus is working like it should.
I have a 2 channel 100 MHz storage-oscilloscope.
So my question is: if I connect my oscilloscope to SDA and SCK and record the communication.
If the sensors I2C-interface is damaged. Can this bee seen as a different signal compared to a working bus on the oscilloscope?

What other things would you check to narrow down the problem?

best regards Stefan

Which Arduino board do you use ? Are there I2C level shifters between the Arduino and the sensors ? Do you use pullup resistors ? Can you give a link to the BMP280 modules (a link to where you bought them) ? How did you connect them ? Did you connect the GNDs ?

When the I2C Scanner does not see them, then the I2C bus is not working. I don't know if a oscilloscope will give more information.